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Re: Commitment into the attack

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How you deal with such situation? I mean how to discover the moment he decides to attack? And how to extend this short time when he is well engaged? Any particular training methods?

How to deal? In the dojo....the best I can. If I struggle and screw up. was a good attack....better luck next time.

Outside of the dojo...I don't wait for the attack.....I prempt it. I hit first.

How to discover the moment before the attack? ....any training methods?

Yes - It helps to train against these good attacks ....but if they are really good its really hard ...I think you know this or you wouldn't be asking ....but for real results you need to nip it in the bud...act early, recognise the conversation spiralling downhill and disengage appropriately....or not.

Basically - Study people. Watch conversations, watch how violence begins and escalates. Practice dialogue...Argue with someone, study the body, how conversation works? trigger points, fence breaks....all with the aim of knowing just how people act on the way to that point where they decide the right thing to do is to hit you.

There's a section of humanity that will just walk up and shank someone while smiling at them...or from behind. Apart from not being there there is no obvious way to deal with this...its just bad luck ...maybe have a blood oath with a friend to take retribution for you, but thats about it.

Theres also professional violence - the military guys and police may have differing views.

But for the other up on this guy and his genre......

Best regards

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