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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

David Soroko wrote: View Post
I disagree that timing is peripheral to mechanics.
Then we disagree The "thing you do" (from an unbalancing him perspective) is the same if you get there first, he does, or you both do. It's not reliant on techniques; those are just nice little exclamation marks at the end.

Look at something like judo's happo-no-kuzushi (or Tomiki's judo taiso, if you prefer). You unbalance him, then do what's relevant. But you still must unbalance him *first* - it's the larger part of it. Then, depending on his reaction, you add your favourite flourish. Or you just push him over.

Actually, that reduces the entire art down to a handful of techniques (3-5), doesn't it? Kinda like "everything is ikkyo" or "it's all just koshi-waza" or "atemi is 90% of aikido". The fun stuff has already why futz around with 101 techniques?

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