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graham christian
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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Firstly from that view consider how you would unbalance anything, be it a person, a cup, a table, whatever. I'm being serious, consider it.

Then add in the factor of it takes you realigning your position to do so and movement. If the person regains balance and you get stuck then these two basics are the starting point of study. You need to move and realign basically.

With that seen as simple as it is clearly then you can see the need to learn where to move and why.

Then you discover the whys of circular motion etc. Step by step learning. No magic.

Every point of person regained balance and stability equals point you get stuck or clash no? Well at those points motion has stopped, alignment is out.

So how to take anothers balance is all about those two factors really in essence. The rest are add ons which lead to making it even more refined.

My two cents.
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