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Re: Commitment into the attack

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
but O sensei said there is no sen sen no sen in aikido....
Ultimately maybe, but many descriptions he gave come from such. In fact that is a very high level of operation in it'self.

You sound defeated before you begin alreadt saying how dangerouse such an opponent is.

Just get reality on the above first. Getting good at it gives you much more time, a second becomes a long time. You are with completely so no prediction necessary. Then there is the factor involved of actually welcoming the attack. Presenting an irresistable opening for the attacker.

Watch a video of Hikitsuchi who emphasized these things in Aikido.

Ultimately your talking kokyu but just leave that as my view for now.

Anyway, how was your trip to Hawaii? Do any Aikido there?

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