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Confused Ranks aquired at other places

Hello all,

I posted about a guy that is in my class just a bit ago and i have another question about something. He aquired his orange belt before he came to our class. A friend of mine said something to sensei about how he got his belt cause this friend of mine and Mr. Orange know about the same amount of stuff, sometimes i think Mr. Orange knows less. Sensei replied " I don't know where he got his belt but i have to respect it." To me this seems wrong. I don't have a single clue about how to attain rank and belts but i was under the impression that you had to have the approval of your sensei and then go to some kinda "official" thing to get it. Maybe i'm wrong but if sensei doesn't think he should have attained orange then i would think others probably would feel the same. What do you all think?
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