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Lee Salzman
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Re: A Primer on Aikido, Aiki and IS

David Soroko wrote: View Post
I think that I have a general feeling of your take on is/ip.

May I ask if in your opinion, you have a beginners or an advanced practitioner's understanding of the subject, or maybe somewhere in between?
If we're playing with excluded-middle, then definitely beginner. If we're playing in reality, then somewhere in between, closer to beginner than not, but still not at the end point, because really, the end points don't exist. There are things my brain understands, and likewise my body reflects that understanding. There are things my brain understands, but which I still continue to get shown my body does not yet understand, to which I nod my head at the explanation of what the body needs to be doing, because I've heard it a couple tens or hundreds of times, and yet the body still fails to do. You could say those things are IS. The are certain things my brain understands, which the body has not yet even had the time or basis to train. You could say those things are further applications of that IS which I am just starting to touch on. There are certain things my brain does not yet even understand, but thinks it has some okay guesses that still need further proving in practice, because those things are not coming from the same source as the other things, so are less cohesively integrated and require some square-peg-round-hole adhesion processes, and after that's done, I've still got some spare parts left over that the manual said I needed, and other parts the manual never talked about but which I think I need. You could say those things are aiki.
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