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Re: A Primer on Aikido, Aiki and IS

David Soroko wrote: View Post
So as is the case with reading, while the brain that didn't evolve "to read" (so to speak) it is capable of reading, it is the same with is/ip where the body didnt evolve for it but is capable of
aquring it. Is this a fair summary? If so, do you beleive that is/ip is exlusivley a human capacity?
I tried asking some dolphin friends. Responses were not forthcoming.

Not quite like sprinters or swimmers then.
Or is it? Could a swimmer necessarily coach himself to know everything there is to know about at the highest levels of competitive swimming? I think you are underestimating the difficulty.

Which one is it, quantum physics or physical labour? I don't think that you can have it both ways. Seems to me that the amount and scope of training that is needed (it is claimed) to obtain is/ip implies
great amount of leisure time which would be inconsistent with a agricultural worker.
It's not either-or. The point I am making is you will need hands on experience in the domain in question in sufficient quantity to discover it independently through reasoning about that domain, and that is only a possibility. On the other hand, physical laborers lack a competitive context, in which, having discovered it, they would either gain such an advantage that it would be highly sought after, or that others without it would be at such a disadvantage that they would feel a driving need to pursue it just to compete. That competition alone would ensure it was not only discovered, but continuously improved. Physical laborers might benefit from it, but not as much in the status sense as a soldier or military leader would that would drive the evolution of it. Empirically, historical warriors did discover it and continuously evolve it, because they had the hands-on experience and the need, or we wouldn't be discussing it now.

Say it took you a lifetime to get the seed idea and develop it. Then maybe you didn't understand it well enough that you could get others to do it, despite trying desperately to explain to them. So maybe you're the lucky clever person who not only discovers the seed, but then also manages to get it to sprout in another human's mind by also discovering proper teaching methods so that your new lineage doesn't just die off. Then, along the way, many other humans improve on it, over the course of hundreds of years, to the point where it is a field of such astonishing complexity that no one human could have discovered it all, indeed didn't discover it all, because it took a bunch of humans hundreds of years at least to flesh it out. Even then, it is an ongoing process, much like physics.

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