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Re: To help or not to help

Wow the thread has sure drifted a lot.. Anyway for Mr Leavitt's benefit and anybody else that cares, soldiers do follow a lot of 'lawful' orders that end up killing a lot of innocent civilians. I have a bunch load of pictures of children dead from those orders. They call em collateral damage and spokesman always 'regret' the incident afterwards. And yes American soldiers have been involved. I won't get into the Israeli's story because they don't follow the geneva convention but well it's pretty well documented what they do civilians.

I chose not to post the pics because they are pretty graphic. You could see some in, those came from American drones. But one of the most damning scenes was contributed in wikileaks, a video with Audio of the helicopter strike on civilians. The pilots were pretty revved up as they killed a couple of journalist along with a dozen or so other civilians including 2 children from a civ ambulance. This was confirmed by their own army on the ground that did the cleanup. But that's ok... Children are not children unless they are American children right?

Don't get me wrong, i've nothing against Americans in general. But the world views it differently when there are double standards. Just like the 99% rile against the elites of corporate America, so does a bunch load of middle east commoners hate how the west and the Israelis have permeated their lives with violence. Payback? For what exactly? More like genocide.

And ... Flame on!

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