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Re: why do people search outside Aikido for IS?

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
From memory of the discussions he was implying here and elsewhere that Tohei Sensei's methods were not what he was referring to as IP/aiki. For the record I'd agree that they are "pretty vague", but only if your only real understanding of them has come from a small number of seminars.
I agree there was a level of IS/IP/Aiki in Tohei Sensei methods, looking back I can see some of that. The problem lies in what was passed on and in the abilities of Tohei Sensei to effectively transmit his understanding. I talked with an old friend in Hawaii (Roy) last night about this and ask the question about his memories of Tohei Sensei and of our first instructor's abilities in these areas. We both agreed that Tohei Sensei was like pushing on a wall. I can't seem to remember if there was any give at all. We both agreed that he had wrists like 4" steel pipes and a presence about him that you could feel. I didn't get this from the folks he brought with him and I didn't get this from the senior instructors that I came in contact with back then. To me this is a transmission issue on his part. As very few could speak Japanese in those days listening to talks was 5 minutes of Tohei Sensei explaining and a five word translation from the translator. As for us then it was understanding...I really don't know what Tohei Sensei said,,,,just the "Tohei Sensei said relax completely" from the translator and for the most part we then got 20 word explanations from our instructors later. If this is not enough for a person and you can't self-develop to some level that is satisfying, then you need to go outside to find your answers.
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