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Re: Violence and Aikido

Dear All,
Aikido is neither violent or non violent. Depending on the situation one must apply aikido prInciples. Now regarding the sword ,again a sword can remain in its scabbard or be drawn in battle.As an aikidoka I believe that while peaceful resolution is to be sought one must if need be be willing to engage in violent confrontation.Gandhi was an exponent of peaceful means of resistance against perceived oppressors.I do not think his approach would have been too successful against the Third Reich.It needed force of arms to resolve that situation.The philosophy of Aikido is good but in practical terms possibly flawed.Human nature being what it is has etc.We have yet to find solutions to mayor problems.Even if one applies non violent methods eg sanctions against countries ,the usual victims are the plebs.The bigshots still maintain the cushy lifestyle.Cheers, Joe.
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