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Re: aikido kobayashi

Lidor Levi wrote: View Post
That is:
Aikido Kobayashi common in Japan?
Student's teacher told me. Kobayashi more effective. Is that true?
There are many recommendations on the teacher. I think I will try.
Do you know where the Hombu Dojo of Kobayashi.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about spelling mistakes.'s Google's translation.
No. H.Kobayashi sensei developed his own system of aiki taiso which is VERY different from aiki taiso aikikai or any other aikido style. I don't think you can find it on youtube. They tend to keep them private, even aiki taiso seminars are often not accessible for students from other federations.

There is no hombu dojo for this style of aikido. All senior students of sensei practice separately and formed their own federations. They are in Japan(mainly Osaka), Italy, France, Belgium\Holland?, Poland and I think in Germany.

Eddy - nice memories. I also was lucky to be able to follow few seminars with sensei while living in Belgium. Effectively meguri was one of very important concept in his approach. H.Kobayashi sensei was one of important influences for my aikido even if I studied later with other shihans.


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