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Re: Is Aikido Non-Violent?

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
Be assured that ALL aiki techniques have many "sharp edges" within the principles of the technique.

One of the things I love about aikido is that a well-trained budoka has a choice about the level of lethal force. Of course, many aggressors in self-defence situations injure themselves.

My advice is that if you're in danger, protect yourself to the best of your ability and worry about the rest later. Of course, the more skilled you become, the more responsibility you have for "restraint" and control. My goal is to always "do as little harm as possible."
I entered the thread with the intention of posting my thoughts but i realised that Chuck's opinion covered me.Aikido is a non-resisting martial art,but martial art nevertheless,so it has indeed many sharp edges within its principles.It's non violent since you blend becoming one with the attacker,but it also offers extreme solutions for extreme situations,where is the aggressiveness of the attacker himself that actually causes him damage or injury while the aikido technique is applied...
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