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Re: why do people search outside Aikido for IS?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I think you misscharacterized both of our comments. Mike, in particular has argued that there is IS in Ki aikido to one degree or another and spoke favorably of the efforts of a teacher he met.
For my part I have spoken favorably of Shirata, Mochizuki, Saotome and Ikeda. My feelings on Shirata and Mochizuki going back to the aikido list days. So I think you let other issues cloud your judgement there.
To be clear, I think IP/aiki is rare as well, and I also do not think it is fully developed in aikido. I haven't seen anyone in the art that I think displayed what I consider a fully developed skill set in IP/aiki.
Not quite how I remember it, this post for example Mike calls Tohei's methods "pretty vague" amongst other things From memory of the discussions he was implying here and elsewhere that Tohei Sensei's methods were not what he was referring to as IP/aiki. For the record I'd agree that they are "pretty vague", but only if your only real understanding of them has come from a small number of seminars. The post I've dug out is not a particularly great example of the sort of stuff I'm talking about but the best I can find in 2 minutes. I'm going mostly from my recollection here. Maybe Mike changed his mind at some point after I gave up on aikiweb.

To be totally fair, it could be my recollection failing me (wouldn't be the first time). Plus I'm in danger here of going off topic and have no interest in arguing on the internet about stuff posted 6 years ago. Next time you're in the UK maybe I'll see if I can make it along, it'd be nice to talk about it rather than type about it


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