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Re: Violence and Aikido

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Using aikido "successfully" does control the movements of a person, breaks the balance, disturbs the structure/organisation of the body, makes him or her go to the ground. ...

Even if nothing is destroyed - which I can't imagine if the person has no typical uke skills - the person experiences being "dominated" by another person. Iisn't this already violence? In my eyes even the smoothest ikkyo omote is only non-violent in a setting where uke agrees being a uke.

So isn't aikido just another form of violence?
Ultimately no. There is no chaotic Ki or mal intent in good Aikido. So there is no violence. When you pick up a baby and put him down in a cot is your energy violent? Or is it non-violent and filled with the spirit of loving protection?

The only question really is can you do ikkyo or even nikkyo with this non-violence? Have you ever felt it done so? Thus for me I would say have you ever felt Aikido?

A person or uke feeling this Aikido does not feel dominated. When going for a ride on a train do you feel dominated? When treated with love and kindness do you feel dominated?

Violence doesn't exist in the principles given in Aikido so it's a matter of finding out why and learning how.

Or we can not change and then justify why we must have violence in it but then it's not true Aikido anymore. Alas.

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