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Ordering a gi cut to fit

So at some point soonish, probably between Christmas and my January birthday, I'm thinking of treating myself to a new gi.

As some might remember, I'm quite on the round side. My current gi, an inexpensive karate gi from a local shop, only somewhat's a size 7 jacket and 8 pants cut for someone who's much taller than I am - lots of awkward looking rolling up. (The pants originally barely fit my waist but they've broken in...and I think I've maybe shrunk a little ;D). Our dojo takes orders semi-regularly for a place in CA but they don't carry the larger sizes. I know lots of people here are fans of BuJin but the site selling their stuff now doesn't offer size adjustments.

I can't spring for full-out custom tailoring, but I am looking at retailers who will at least alter the sleeves and legs to order without me having to take it into a separate place. So far I've found Gi Masters - they're about at the top of the price range I'm willing to invest. Anyone have experience with them? Anyone able to recommend alternatives?

I'm looking for a judo or aikido style gi, preferably with jacket and pants purchasable separately, in the sizes mentioned above. I don't need or want super heavyweight fabric...this is Arizona after all and even with A/C the dojo is super warm in the summer. I'll accept it possibly wearing out faster as an acceptable trade-off. Woman's cut would be a bonus but not essential.

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