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Re: To help or not to help

the problem with sheep/wolf analogies are they tend to over simplify things for sue and the dynamics are much more complex. However it does help generate thought and discussion which I think is the point of making these analogies. Larry why I think we do't talk about sheepdogs.....

One military guys can't relate on a base level. They are not the cool thing. And as you state, they are there to protect the flock. Both in LEO and Military alot of times it is not only about protecting, but also about hunting. So you need a predator trait to relate to that goes after the bad guys. Sheep dogs don't really do this.

However I agree, that a sheepdog is much more applicable to a civilian process where we are simplu concerned with protecting and taking action when necessary to keep the flock inline and alert the shappard when there is trouble.

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