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Re: To help or not to help

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Wolves and sheep? Not a very good analogy.Wolves don't just take action, they follow what the leader tells them. I wish some military were more like them for only the wisest get the rule the pack.

Roger, time to rethink your views I think. The one thing warriors do have in common is selflessness.

It is much more complex than for sure. Group think is on of the biggest problems we have today in the military. We need a culture that is less about following and doing what is popular and more about doing what is right, which is some times the hard thing to do.

What I have always found interesting is how closely current codified military values are with the values of bud. Selflessness, courage, candor...stuff like that.

There is always a balance between leading and following. Thetr have been many, many situation in which I was in charge I was the law and the enforcer...judge and jury and what did determined the outcome of the situation. It was not about following or taking orders at all. This requires you to have a very strong character to make the right and moral decisions.

Very interesting subject. I apologize for steering it off course, however I think when it gets down to helping or not helping at the core you have to make a decision to act or not act. Our choices or better what informs us to make choices is our past experiences and training. as budoka, I think we tend to look much harder (or should) at the things that go into such acts or non acts.

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