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Re: Violence and Aikido

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
Aikido has everything to do with combat; that's why it's a martial art.

Violence doesn't have to be 'preceded' by malintent, or 'chaotic confused intent': it can be a surgical, precise thing - it frequently is, in fact.

Also what Katherine said as well.

Life is a series of conflicts and paradoxes. There is a duality that exist. In order to have love, or understand the concept of love we must conceive or know of the opposite. Understanding peace is understanding the nature of violence. Aikido and bud can give us a way to understand and reconcile these things without necesaaryily having to have first hand knowledge of these things.

Aikido IMO does not dissipate violence or chaos, it balances it or reconciles it. It is always there and we must constantly be aware of its nature.

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