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Re: aikido kobayashi

Lidor Levi wrote: View Post
I practiced Aikido Aikkai 4 months. And spread.
I want to return to practice.
And we have Aikido Kobayashi teacher Dan 5.
There is a difference between Kobayashi to Aikkai?
I mean Kobayashi Ryu. By Hirokazu Kobayashi.
The teacher said that the only difference is Kobayashi using both hands. And Aikkai one hand. Is that true?
Thank you.
No, it is not true. What a very stupid explanationů.

H. Kobayashi sensei developed very sophisticated level of aikido. It means they almost don't have static exercises or techniques; as a consequence they don't practice against very strong static attacks. The reason is simple -- transmission such high level of aikido to the beginners is not possible without full cooperation or over cooperation of attacker during many years. So you practice many years and can't verify a real efficiency of your techniques. Also they developed a lot of complicated visualizations and intellectual explanations, which in the end is another weak point of this system.

They have particular very complete warm up/solo exercises system called Aiki taiso. It is very painful, but good aspect of it is that it push you to your limits and even further.
There is also very complete system of weapons.
Overall I'd recommend this teaching to advanced students, not for beginners.


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