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Lee Salzman
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Re: A Primer on Aikido, Aiki and IS

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don't have anything to say about emotional aspect, since i am a bit emotionally retarded.

i don't know enough about the dantien/hara movement to really describe, only that it's the focus and control mechanism of your internal power, and i don't meant it's in the sense of holding hand and singing kumbaya kind of sense. lately, i have a mind that we should have started the IS training here, dantien/hara movement, before other aspect of IS. but what do i know about these stuffs other than talking out of my ass.
The best place to start is probably wherever we can. It is probably a 99.9999% (yes, made up on the spot) certainty we will screw up badly, and that screw-up will have later consequences that we will regret. But at least when we learn better and fix it, we'll have the conviction of hindsight. There is no perfect system. No perfect teacher. Our bodies are the product of billions of years of evolution, and we're silly enough to think anybody can really explain it all. No way, Jose! But then again, maybe we've actually hit that 00.0001% chance of being right from the start, and are too naive or stubborn to realize it? Better to just eat what is put on our plates than starve. There is no dantien with foie gras and a nice Chianti at the banquet I got shuffled into, but they got brussel sprouts, too much snow, and freezing weather, but maybe that is what I need in the end.
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