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Re: intimidation

I don't know if you can "keep from being intimidated". I mean, you're either intimidated or you're not, right?

So am I to be considered a psychopath, because I have no adrenaline rush and actually get calmer as things get chaotic? The last Yard riot I was involved in, many said they thought we were conducting a drill because my voice was so calm. When incidences occur I usually take control, because I seem to be able to think more clear and slow everybody down.

When the average street thug is staring you down (mad dogging), it is commonly accepted that he who reacts first is the (punk). If you laugh, you lose. If you look away, you lose. If you talk, you lose. You really do have to work or live around these types to understand what is going on with them. The thug isn't staring at you to provoke you. He is trying to assert his dominance and let you know he is top dog on that train or wherever. It's a facade. The guys that are really about it, wont even acknowledge you and would prefer to be unnoticed in most social situations. Maintaining eye contact isn't really disrespect. When violence follows the mug session, it's usually associated with some sort of disrespect after. The guy that couldn't hang does something to mask his insecurity with a gesture and the peeing contest is on till one or both escalates to violence to preserve his standing or save face. I have never broke eye contact even on the street with the thug type. My mother has always said I don't look at, but through people though.That's just my normal gaze. I also have a facial tick that causes one cheek to spasm which makes on of my eyes seem to close intermittently. I guess it can be a little off putting to someone trying to stare me down.
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