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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

Eric DesMarais wrote: View Post

A discussion of spirituality on aikiweb would not be complete without you!

To my mind, this a clear explanation of the ecumenical nature of aikido as spiritual pursuit. Train the spirit first and the rest will follow kind of approach. I would be interested in reading any quotations you have found that highlight this perspective.
hey, your welcome. You know me, not one for carrying about such who said what when data or clutter as I call it. But I'll scout about and give you anything I think may suit your interest. Plus I'll dig up the name of the historian I mentioned. An interesting guy.

You said you were reading a book on qi gong? Mmm, I have a good friend who teaches that I'll ask him what he has to say on the matter. Nowadays I find there are lots of reiki practitioners who have references to Ueshiba but they seem to be 'masters' after a few weekend courses if you see what I mean. Unfortunately it's the same old scene even in the spiritual healing world, there's also an official Kiatsu body now with qualifications and hierarchy and no idea. Alas, their not even connected to Ki Aikido as far as I can see. They are more into yoga. I love seeing these peoples faces when I do some Kiatsu on them. They actually didn't know it was real. Oh well I suppose it's human nature, everyone wants to start at the top.

Regards.G. .
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