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Re: Two Hundred and Seven

I see. I was just surprised that's all. For me doing it that way was the first way I learned and then got better at doing it whilst letting the arms go to any bent position.

Doing those old Ki tests as in Ki in daily life had similar things as I recall. For instance, laying between two chairs while people can sit on your stomach and yet the whole body doesn't bend is similar I would say. The legs are straight and joints locked and the back is straight also as well as the neck being stiff also.

Unbendable arm done from such also. Putting one arm out and having one person push your hand trying to push you backwards with all their might is another example where arm is locked and tense.

I used to call this straight Ki.

I'll be interested in your katate tori and usage in techniques. After being able to use it with your own body then I think you will find you can use it with the partners body and hence use their arm or leg as a sword or jo. All interesting. Happy hunting.

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