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Re: A Primer on Aikido, Aiki and IS

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
All due respect I have seen you move. We are far apart.
I know it sounds cagey...I get it. But there is no conspiracy theory going on when a thousand people train under a bunch of different teachers and they all end up seeing and talking about the same thing.
As one Shihan said to me (who teaches around the world) your've ruined me. Every where I go, from students to my own teacher, every one's a mess!! We don't know what we're doing or talking about." All I said was "Now you know how I've felt watching you guys."
I just heard from a bunch of people training at a recent seminar who said "This is incredible we're just walking through people and they can't throw us or lock us." This was their old crew, who started to ask "What are you guys doing?" Likewise, I am a sweety and would never harm you, I don't know why but I kind of like you, but Buddy boy, you would be brushed away like you weren't even there. I don't think you really understand or have ever felt what I am talking about. Therefore it doesn't register. It can't. You have no frame of reference for the soft power being discussed. And no I am not just talking about me.
There is simply no comparison to be had between what you have shown on all your videos and then this type of training. There is a certain commonality that would ring true and be more definable. I didn't know the chinese lingo for much of what I do, I had to learn, but the principles are consistent and I could discuss them with grandmaster level guys who had their hands on me and telling me what they called this or that. So outside of verbiage, there is feel. Maybe someday we can play and then go to dinner and share some laughs.

One day no doubt. As I said, I know and can explain relaxation to those who see it as you describe and they end up with renewed views.

I also said you don't know how many things I agree with you on. Teaching methods being one. Far out concepts I can explain and get people to do, that's my major skill so you don't have to tell me who you can talk to and what they say when you teach for I have the same responses and have done for years. Nothing new to me.

I like it when experienced people see those videos for I like their responses. It tells me what they can see, what they think they can see and what they are unaware of. Indeed I expect it as they are used to what they are used to and so anything outside of that framework they cannot see or understand.

There may be no comparison between what I have shown and what you do but that's all good to me as I don't do what you do.

Come on you and I know why you don't post videos yet you set a different criteria to mine as I see it.

Ha, ha, talk about lost in translation. That's all part of good teaching isn't it?

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