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graham christian
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Re: Two Hundred and Seven

Hi Ron. I suupose it depends on what you mean by stiff. As different to tight etc. As I see it it looks like you have answered any questions by your original statement that you are practising extending Ki.

I commented on this subject once before on your blog. There are many ways of doing this exercise and all effective.

This one you describe I would say is best described as when you push or send a lot of water through a hosepipe. It it'self becomes 'hard' yet the flow is powerful. Anyones energy going against merely joins the flow.

With regards to katate tori you can use it both ways no? With this you can hold the wrist or flow through and in effect hold the elbow or indeed hold the shoulder. With these holds the uke then has to relax to move efficiently. It's all good Ki training anyway. Good luck.

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