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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

From an interview (not translated into English) with Nobuyuki Watanabe

One time the Founder brought in a diagram of the human body and gave an explanation while holding a copy of the Kojikki in one hand. While pointing out muscle and bones on the diagram he gave a very detailed explanation, saying things like "This is Naohi (correct spirit)" and so forth. However, at the time I just wondered what it all meant. It was just once, so I can't remember the details very well.
Of course we now know that these discussions entailed explanations of well known internal training; some of which were practical ways to move the body, others colored at times with Spiritual metaphore for practical matters. I think a different Ueshiba is emerging, but one that will be as lost to todays aikido as he was to his own when he was alive.
Just as Kano said, "This is not my Judo."
Ueshiba looked at post war Aikido and said "This is not my Aikido. No one is following me"

Then we have an interview with Tamura talking about what Mochizuki said to him.
"He told me "What you guys are doing is not the real Aikido." "

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