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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I'm still not sure of the hypothesis you're trying to discuss. Sorry, just me being confused.
Don't worry, I am quite sure that I am the one that is confused.

According to the couple of books I have read by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, there were traditionally two forms of training. One is called "Yi Jin Jing" and its purpose is to "change the physical body from weak to strong and from sick to healthy." The other is called "Xi Sui Jing" and its purpose is to "use the abundant Qi generated from Yi Jin Jing training to wash the marrow, to nourish the brain, and to fill up the other six vessels." He goes on to say that a "sincere" Buddhist or Daoist will use Xi Sui Jing to reach enlightenment.

So I guess, to address your confusion about my confusion, I would cautiously say that talking of Ueshiba's "aiki" might conflate training methods that could be, and historically haven been, separated out a little more clearly than the words attributed to Ueshiba have lead us to believe.

Warning! I am definitely speaking at the very edge of my knowledge base. I am very open to corrections of these ideas I have put forth.
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