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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
No. At least not if you're going to discuss aiki as practiced by Ueshiba Sensei. The spectacular train wreck that is the Ueshiba's Aiki thread began to veer of the tracks with just such an attempt.

Okay, that is a reasonable assumption in my book. There is no particular reason to deny his claims of enlightenment that I have seen.

If we are talking about body skills that Ueshiba had, and Takeda had, and Sagawa, and perhaps others, could there be a term that would disentangle that from his enlightenment?

It seems to me that there is a claim that while his body skills were amazing, others also had these skills. Thus, in my mind, it seems possible that the body skills are not necessarily (although they could be) connected to his enlightenment.

I think about this because in the book I referenced in the first post, it argues that one can use QiGong to develop martial skills, health, or enlightenment. Or any combination of the three.
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