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Ha, ha. Correction. Dan, there are people who support your views and there are people who admire what you are doing and thus spring to your defence whenever that view, which is now shared by some, is challenged. There are people who are following your way of practising what you teach. Hence followers in that way. Admit it, for those who were looking for what you have to offer you are a, let's say breath of fresh air. Come on, don't be shy now.

You are missing the key point.
Just about everyone who train with me ALSO train with others. I was typically LAST on their list. The late comer to the party. Ellis had to talk me into this. Sometimes I regret it. And I have an exit plan.
So logic would dictate that all harder farters, are also Sigman-iods, Ark-angels, Ikeda-raiders, Yanagi harpies, San Chin-thins, and Ushiro-heros.
In fact, when I teach, I insist people go see others as it supports the material itself as a broad based multi-cultural technology thousands of years old.
Once you hear, and read and then see Ueshiba's own words and teachings that predate him...sometimes word for word, from many different sources (who do not know each other, and sometimes don't even like each other) most people smarten up and accept that Ueshiba was one of many internal artists the world has known and his Doka were in may cases....copied from the Chinese.
You guys can try to personalize this to me all day long but all the people you keep trying to pigeon hole have trained with a whole bunch of the people on that list.
Your logic fails
Your argument fails

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