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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

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So Mr. McGrew
Following in your weird labyrinth of logic:
Why are you stating that Saotome is against Ellis Amdur? Can you tell us when and how this occured? Did it happen over you and your teaching?
Why are you stating that Saotome says that Ueshiba was wrong and didn't understand aiki. You implied that this is the reason he left hombu (to bring aiki to the world through you) was based on his placing Terry Dobsons teachings as his method of Aiki. Your discussions of his teachings; that yo ho makes fire that is ki based on mingling with water, that will restore harmony to nature and allow Satome to restore the world seems at odds to cutting at it with swords. But this could be a balance of the yodel ho in kia that creates the mountain echo from the trees
Since your stating he teaches these things, does he know you are saying this in public or is this the gooie yee of the art?
I wat this explained to me in detail right now.
I want answers!!!
I have had enough
I demand answers!!
Mr. Harder. Or HD

I think that you would be better off sipping a nice single malt right about now........ Trying to bring yourself down to that level will require a very large backhoe. Best to sit on the surface and ask yourself "one or two rock with that single malt?"

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