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Ha, ha. Correction. Dan, there are people who support your views and there are people who admire what you are doing and thus spring to your defence whenever that view, which is now shared by some, is challenged. There are people who are following your way of practising what you teach. Hence followers in that way. Admit it, for those who were looking for what you have to offer you are a, let's say breath of fresh air. Come on, don't be shy now.

No. Emphatically no.

Let me explain. People don't support Dan's views. You have no idea how many times his views have been challenged and are continually challenged, even by those who train with him. If he had a nickel, he'd be rich.

People do admire that he got out there among other martial artists (all because of Ellis Amdur) and happily shares what he has accomplished in his hard earned training. But we do *not* come to his defense because, well, really, I don't think any of us are better at defending Dan than Dan is. Forged in fire and all that.

What some of us do is to speak up on those that challenge the merits of this training. IP/aiki is the secret of the martial arts, kept hidden, kept safe. We follow the art that is bigger than all of us. The one true secret to bring us all together and in the world bind us. Had it been Tom, Dick, or Harry who had kept IP/aiki going, we'd be there. In fact, we are. Dan, Ikeda, Sam Chin, Akuzawa, Saotome, Heiny, Liu Chengde, etc, etc, etc.

So, no, there are no followers of Dan. There are aikido people following the trail to the Holy Grail that Ueshiba shone so brightly with. IP/aiki. That is bigger than us all and worthy of the flack we get.