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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
There are no HARDEN Supporters posting as a group as your continued refrain suggests.
That means you are either stupid, or calling us all lairs.
I have not even met half the people talking to you. And others, while they do not agree with my take on things, do not support what you are saying.
I see no real ability or desire for you to be able to process this.
You are taking on all comers, to include people here with VERY diverse backgrounds that are not in line with my own.
Your choice to ingore that and call everyone liars is on you.
As was in the case with the How much should Dan make thread...people who do not support my efforts were appalled and were gentlemen in expressing how one should carry on- on the internet.
This is not it.
Ha, ha. Correction. Dan, there are people who support your views and there are people who admire what you are doing and thus spring to your defence whenever that view, which is now shared by some, is challenged. There are people who are following your way of practising what you teach. Hence followers in that way. Admit it, for those who were looking for what you have to offer you are a, let's say breath of fresh air. Come on, don't be shy now.