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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
This is a matter for Hugh to respond to. I won't have you bury it for him. He has used Ikeda Sensei in an effort to "put fuel on the fire" against what I have written. I'm not having it, Hugh. Why not ask Sensei to put me in my place?
To give you the cold, hard answer to your question: Because I really don't care much about you. I certainly respect Ikeda Shihan far too much to parade this kind of garbage in front of him.

I have attended seminars with Saotome Shihan and found them fantastic.
I've attended seminars with Ikeda Shihan and found them very insightful, including this one.
I've learned from Ledyard Sensei and found his teaching wonderful.
I study with Gleason Sensei and find him amazing.
I've worked with Dan and found his teaching incredibly helpful.

I've certainly learned things from Dan (directly and indirectly) that I learned from no one else, the kind of thing that makes your partner's eyes pop when you use them on the mat. If that gives you heartburn--take an alka-seltzer. it's not my problem.

And, dude, can I just say, you've totally gone non-linear, you know? Chill. It's not for me to speak for the ASU. It's not for you to speak for Saotome. They're big fish and can take care of themselves. As I said not so long ago here, when the minnow leaps to the defense of the shark... the shark just smiles.

Except maybe I'll just add that, yeah, what Dan says about modern aikido is nothing to what some of my seniors in ASU say about modern aikido. If you love the art--really--you want it to be strong. You don't try to hide its flaws.

Sorry to keep you waiting for my answer to your questions but you know, I told you I was at the seminar today. I've got lots more important things in my life than keeping up with Aikiweb.