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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Hugh posted to the public forum in order to "add fuel to the fire." He would not allow me to leave this discussion.

What a double standard this group of Harden supporters has.

Hugh has some questions to answer.

After a while I start to see the tag team nature of the people taking turns posting.
Hi Ken. A lot of dust flying around, ha, ha.

However, how to communicate without insult or accusation is the missing art here on both sides on occasion. Too much 'he said' and blame and accusation going on. I see you have also been described as a car wreck. Learn to laugh at such things.

I don't know the politics involved, asu etc. But Hugh? Sounds a bit personal to me. He may not even have been online yet. Plus Demetrio is right in saying no one can force him to answer even if he were.

Maybe you know him better than me but I have had a few 'debates' with Hugh and accept we have differing views, no problem.

I believe you are making some points in response to things said by others. That's fine by me.

But basically there is an underlying misunderstanding going on. What it is I don't know. Is it you defending your teachers and line of teaching? Is that it versus this 'aiki' way of doing things and thus others defending their main instructor in it? That's what it looks like to me.

Overall you have the right to state your views without others ganging up and ridiculing but such is the nature of the beast at times so don't worry about it or be led off into complaint.

Remember, there are no real enemies but ourselves. They may be wrong in what they say or believe but how is that a problem to you?

I disagree that what they say is Ueshibas Aiki but they know that and even call me wacky (amongst other things) but but it's all just dust to me, it can make me choke and cough a bit though.

I believe we should look at our own manner of addressing others rather than how they address us and yet have failed a few times in that myself. If you are getting too insistent or angry or upset then you are losing your own center, having your own mind led, losing balance.

As you know Aikido is universal and even here on this forum. It's quite a game. I prefer a game where everyone wins. High hopes.