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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

I used to think that Ikeda Sensei was showing something different but very good from what Saotome Sensei shows, wrote, and teaches. It was Ikeda Sensei himself who made a special effort to help me to understand that what he is doing, as he understands it, is emphasizing another side of the same thing. He told me blending and take musu aiki is happening inside. The internal unbalancing is a micro version. He continues to blend with something. He can blend with momentum or with strength, much like sumi atoshi. This is all shown and explained in detail in the 2008 internal balance and power video:

"Before partner grabs already I moves. Partner cannot stop [shows tenkan from grab with internal unbalancing]. He cannot stop because grabbing time he’s already tippy toes… this is exactly the same as movement but later everything is inside… my line and his line get together [blending Aiki]."

Internal unbalancing prevents Uke from regaining his balance. It is one of many ways to do this. It does not alone make Uke fall down. That's why Sensei discusses adding gravity:

"Later on my weight going to his center. If you have 110 pounds that is enough if you put on top of partner, partner goes."

Sensei describes a blending of centers. He calls this "unity." it is not about some internal just who you are body conditioning. It is a subtle form of blending.

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