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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki


This is between us. When I tried to leave this discussion you attempted to use one of our mutual head instructors in an effort to support the wide variety of statements that have been made against my basic understanding of Aikido and Aiki in Aikido. Though I have only been speaking for myself on this forum, these attacks that you make and support, directly and indirectly, undermine my legitimacy as an ASU instructor. That is the claim, implied at times and stated outright at times, is that I haven't a clue and that Ikeda Sensei would agree that I haven't a clue. You forced me to respond. So I ask again, Hugh:

Is it true that Ikeda and Saotome Sensei's can't hold a candle to Harden in terms of Aiki?

Is it true that the things Saotome Sensei wrote and said about Aiki and Aikido were mistaken?

Is it true that Saotome Sensei did not receive much instruction from O Sensei?

Is it true that O Sensei did not teach real Aiki to Saotome and others?

Has Ikeda Sensei rejected the importance of leading, blending, timing, and joining in Aikido?

Does Ikeda Sensei claim to contradict anything that Saotome Sensei has taught?

Is it true that leading, blending, body positioning, and joining as a means to unbalance Uke are mere tricks? Does Ikeda Sensei agree? Does Saotome Sensei?