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Dear Dan,
Out of curiosity would you care to name the Birankai teachers who have met you? Hope you are well.Cheers, Joe.
After the how much money I make thread you started, can you think of any reason at all I should talk to you?

Even those who don't like me thought it an outrage.
It did help to once again clarify and put me in my place here as well as understand the fluidity of what no personal attacks means to all of you.

Ellis was right in urging me to teach publicly. I have met and formed friendships with some incredible Aikido teachers and Budo-ka in general. Aikido and aikido alone.... it has also taught me the type of equanimity I should expect. I will not make the same mistakes I did before.
MMA is far....far...more respectful of each other. If you are the 600lb. gorilla in the room..they're smart enough to listen. Aiki arts -DR included-do with words, what they cannot do with their bodies.

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