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Do you claim to be speaking for ASU?

I suggest that you tell Ikeda Sensei that you are using your time with him at the seminar to support people who say he all but lacks Aiki compared to Harden and company. Tell him the things they say or imply about Saotome Sensei. Better yet, show sensei the whole discussion start to finish. Hugh, I challenge you to do so.
You know, someone in ASU should *please* tell Ledyard, Ikeda, Gleason, and Saotome about you. I sincerely hope that they do. It's truly amazing that you have stated that you have read the previous posts but yet have somehow not read the glowing recommendations that I, and others, have heaped upon Ikeda, Ledyard, Gleason, and Saotome.

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You fail to understand at all what Sensei is doing.

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I am sick of a few people in ASU being pawns for Harden and people like Harden
Will you please stop degrading people, their abilities, and their characters. While we are at it, will you please stop misrepresenting the views of others. You have been told several times that your understanding of our views is completely and utterly wrong. I fail to understand why you continue with the same rhetoric when we keep answering you that our views are not what you are presenting.

This thread is about Ueshiba's aiki. Please keep to the subject of the thread. If you truly wish an open venue, there is a forum here called "Open Discussions". Start a thread there for off topic conversation, but please keep it civil.