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Ken McGrew wrote:
You will not use Saotome Sensei and Ikeda Sensei in an attempt to attack me in a public forum and support people like Harden who who are advancing an agenda that says that Saotoome Sensei has not been teaching real Aiki all these years. I won't have it Hugh. Harden has implied violence and has suggested, at a minimum, that he plans to cause trouble for Ikeda and Saotome Senseis at a seminar in the future. Are you on the record to support this man after that challenge? Are you speaking for Gleason Sensei and for your dojo?.....

Harden has implied violence with the sentence:
"You are wise to make a public statement you are not interested in meeting me." Then tries to cover this up by saying, "While I would greet you in a friendly exchange." Then he implies he'll teach Saotome and Ikeda Senseis a lesson. Do you support this man? Do you do so formally as a representative of your dojo? Would you like to bring this to the attention of Sensei? Let Sensei put me in my place? I challenge you to do so, Hugh.
This is just incredible eh folks?
Let's see
I have spoken in favor of both Saotome and Ikeda for years now-in the presence of teachers under other branches!
I have spoken all over the states and in Europe in favor of them- compared to other Japanese Shihan- in public rooms full of Aikido people who are members here.
1. Please step up to the podium once more and address the thousand or more people here who have heard me speak in public and read what I have placed here, particularly regarding Ikeda.
Why am I going to give them a hard time?
2. In "Ken-land" just how does my "offering to meet you in a friendly exchange.." translate to me and my "followers practicing violence."
I will keep in mind that I have never once in my life did what you suggest, yet last year several of your teachers thought it just grand to have an uninvited BJJer jump me at one of my own seminars and try to cold cock me with a right hook and thought what I did to him was just great!! This is the second time this has happened to me, and they expected me to handle it without hurting him.
I cannot begin to think what would have happened were I Saotome giving a seminar on aiki.
So please bear in mind I am now educated in seminar-do. This is the type of equanimity I have been taught to expect. Therefore, please feel free to say whatever you want. So far your misquotes to make me sound awful, pale in comparison to what I have read from those interested in attacking me personally in a myriad of ways on Aikiweb.
Threatening to sue me
Threatening to sue Dojo that host me
Calling me a liar
Spreading unsupported (non researched) lies repeatedly
Calling me a Con man
A snake oil Salesman
Even discussing how much I make

All while your arts teachers say the grandest things; to me....and about me... behind closed doors!!
So, not to worry. Don't hold back. You can expound to grand heights. Please, feel free to go at it. Maybe even talk about my family to boot.
At this point, nothing is going to surprise me.

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