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You have allowed these folks to speak as if everything they say is endorsed by Saotome Sensei and Ikeda Sensei (at least when it's convenient). Now you have posted in support of them again, attempting to use Ikeda Sensei to do so, and in an effort to somehow discredit me as completely mistaken in my understanding of Aikido (even though my rank is from Saotome Sensei).
Answer the questions, Hugh. I'm done playing these games. They and you have implied that you speak for ASU and that I misrepresent the teachings of our head instructors. Answer the questions, Hugh. I won't be distracted by their attempts to deflect. I'll keep asking forever. Have Sensei put me in my place by embracing all that these people, and you, say.........

I am sick of a few people in ASU being pawns for Harden and people like Harden, either speaking in support of him or allowing him to claim to speak for them without the courage to do so themselves. Harden and those who defend him reject what Ikeda does as not what they do and now you try to use him in your embrace of them. You will not use Saotome Sensei and Ikeda Sensei in an attempt to attack me in a public forum and support people like Harden who who are advancing an agenda that says that Saotoome Sensei has not been teaching real Aiki all these years. I won't have it Hugh. Should we ask Sensei what he thinks of this? Harden has implied violence and has suggested, at a minimum, that he plans to cause trouble for Ikeda and Saotome Senseis at a seminar in the future. Are you on the record to support this man after that challenge? Are you speaking for Gleason Sensei and for your dojo?.....

Harden has implied violence with the sentence:

"You are wise to make a public statement you are not interested in meeting me." Then tries to cover this up by saying, "While I would greet you in a friendly exchange." Then he implies he'll teach Saotome and Ikeda Senseis a lesson. Do you support this man? Do you do so formally as a representative of your dojo? Would you like to bring this to the attention of Sensei? Let Sensei put me in my place? I challenge you to do so, Hugh.
I see you are still twisting my words to mean something completely different than what I said! The disconnect is truly revealing.

We speak boldly because we can.
Bill supports everything I have said and Hugh has said, and is far...far...oh good much more strident and strong in support of this in very clear and definitive terms. Terms that I would never write here or use about myself.
You poor kid. You really have no idea of what you are in the middle of.
There is no contention, fella. It's all a big, grand, community effort bigger than the ASU, and everyone is having fun.
You are defending a view that they will not defend...they are on my side. You don't understand the work very well, or the nature of their work and mine and how it fits seemlessly. There is nothing to defend, and you're looking the fool in trying to do so by attacking people out of hand in a meandering, disconnected delusional fashion.
Forget Hugh. He's covered and he knows it.
There are things you say in public and others you handle behind the scene. A man chosen to teach represents more than himself. The real question for you, is whether Saotome and Ikeda would ever support what you are presently doing and saying here as a representative of their art.


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