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This is a matter for Hugh to respond to. I won't have you bury it for him. He has used Ikeda Sensei in an effort to "put fuel on the fire" against what I have written. I'm not having it, Hugh. Why not ask Sensei to put me in my place.
Listen Fella. I will address you when you attempt to destroy my name.
What I am doing is approved and supported by your teacher and also teachers in the ASU, the Aikikai, the Birenkai, and the under Imaizuma. Not to mention, Daito ryu, Koryu, Karate, Judo, ICMA and others.
And we are making friends and improving the arts.
It seems the only one who doesn't know you.
And there are no Harden followers of any kind. They are teachers in their own arts, separate from me, with strong views, experiences and opinions of their own. Many times they dissagree with me and we have great fun arguing. No one is going to tell these guys what to do or think or say anytime soon. In fact, I find the idea of telling Bill Gleason what to do to be fecking hilarious.
No one is going to answer some of your questions in public. But, good God man are you barking up the wrong tree!!! You have no idea what these men really think and what is really going on. And trust me, you don't really want to know. You couldn't deal with it. You think bold!!

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