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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Hey, just to throw some gas on the fire, I'm at an Ikeda Sensei seminar right this minute (well, earlier today).

He's been doing, guess what, static drills, finding center, unbalancing, showing how to use interior connection to move uke. No big throws, no momentum, no blending if by that you mean matching uke's movement and extending it. Oh, and he says if uke lets himself stay in an unsafe position, you should just punch him. :-)

Think he's got it wrong? We have one more day to go, shall I tell him so?

By the way, I like the Richard Feynman quote. But this is the guy who, when an experimental scientist disproved his favorite theory, said "Let's ignore him. He's a smart guy, he'll figure out he's wrong."

Not long later, the experimental scientist published a retraction.