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Re: How to defeat a samurai.

Grasshopper: "Master, I saw a samurai today being punished. He was beaten and disrobed and cast out like a beggar for not bowing low enough to his master. The punishment was way too harsh and the scene troubles my thoughts. Is there something I am not seeing?"

Master: "Grasshopper, was that man guilty?"

Grasshopper: "Well, he was guilty only of breaking a code of conduct master."

Master: "Then it is your false view that is the source of your troubled mind for there are no guilty people on this earth Grasshopper."

Grasshopper: "Then you believe the person who does harm is not guilty???"

Master: "Indeed Grasshopper."

Grasshopper: "How so Master?"

Master: "The person doing harm is innocent of doing good. There are indeed many types of innocence Grasshopper. Innocence of understanding and thus you have a confused person. Innocence of the way and thus you have a selfish person. Innocence of the truth and thus you have a stupid person. Innocence of loving compassion and thus you have an ignorant person.

There are many more too Grasshopper. The prisons are full of innocent people.

Should you therefore punish the innocent???"

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