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Re: How to defeat a Buddhist.

"You say you have perfected your skill in your art," Bankei said. "Try to strike me!"

The samurai hesitated for an instant.

"My blow has already fallen," said Bankei.

The man's jaw sagged. "I'm astonished," he sighed. "Your stroke is swifter than the spark off a flint. My head rolls at my feet. Please, master, teach me the essentials of Zen."
Which means that Nobunaga was clearly enlightened. Just ask all the monks of Hieizan, Nagashima, Echizen, and Hoganji. 10,000s of them roasted on fires and spitted in spears. Because, Nobunaga never hesitated.

In 1580, when the siege of the Oda clan upon Ishiyama -- the Hongan warrior-monks' HQ -- was still effective, suddenly the warrior-monks sent an envoy to talk of peace.

In an infamous incident, Oda Nobunaga ordered his attendant to cut the head of one of the monks that came to his camp.

Toyotomi asked why, since Oda himself wanted peace.

"If I didn't kill that man, they will never know I'm serious with our threat of making Ishiyama the second Hiei!" Oda replied.

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