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Re: How to defeat a samurai.

On topic a different story.

There were a group of Sohei monks relaxing in a field when they were approached by the local Daimyo. He wanted to ask how they defeated the enemy samurai who were trying to take over his territory.

He proceeded to ask how they did it for those were the so called invincible warriors of a clan that were completely fearless and feared by his own samurai.

One monk explained. Those samurai are indeed fearless and skilled and their secret is their meditation. They meditate on already being dead and thus are fearless. This is their stable point, their center, the source of their power. Thus they are unmoved and unperturbed in all circumstances. True warriors.

However, we too have a center, a stable point, a source of infinite power. We too meditate on this one thing and thus fear nothing are unmoved and unperturbed. We too are true warriors. We meditate on life.

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