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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Mr. McGrew,

I think you missed the irony in Fred Little's post. (Also, I find it hard to class Bourdieu as post-modern gibberish, but anyway. I take it your own book is published in a series "Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education"?)

So what is your academic posturing about again? If you are saying that the evidence for some claims that Mark and Dan are making does not hold up to strict academic standards, well yeah, it probably does not, which has been discussed before. It is still the best evidence we have, and from it, a pretty complex argument can be constructed across a variety of different types of sources, against a complex back-drop of the history of the internal arts, referencing a number of published texts (Amdur, Goldsbury etc.).

Now just because the evidence could be better it does not follow that even more spurious evidence you bring up (Saotome Sensei's memory...) will automatically invalidate it.

You could have noticed by now that there are a number of people here who are not in the least deterred by your intellectual chest-beating. You are not the only average intellectual around. I suggest you stop it. First of all, because your students could be reading this, and you are embarassing yourself doing stuff like arguing translation from a language you do not know, and second, more importantly, because this is not an academic argument in the first place. Your appeals to your own authority get you nowhere.