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Sorry but In true aikido you never give balance back at any stage. Thats not to say you have to do hard technique..or even throw like many think...but..doing "soft" technique and giving back balance is also not true aikido..though its nice for your partner and university girls love it ^^.

Your trying to fit some nice/kind philosophy to basically not really having a true understanding..that's understandable but doesn't make it right.

The "better" condition in aikido is when no one in their right mind really wants to attack remove their fighting spirit....not through nice words and explanations but basically owning/controlling them in a way they don't understand....verrryyyy few people can really do this. Most are not even close.

To be honest imho Kuzushi as known by many comes to nothing but forced connection....

Your ideology seems nice..but thats all it is...if you just want to stand there and not interact/practise with sincerity then you shouldn't be in a're wasting other peoples time....go sit in a park or on a mountain..might actually do you more good.

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