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Re: How to defeat a samurai.

Hi Michael,
Some resemblance there but I do believe Bankei was emphasizing the relationship rather than the leadership. Thanks for posting though.

Here's some more food for thought:

Some years after his ordination, while journeying to Mount T’ien T’ai, Huang Po fell in with a monk with whom he soon came to feel like an old acquaintance; so they continued their journey together. Finding the way barred by a mountain stream in flood, our Master lent upon his staff and halted, at which his friend entreated him to proceed.

“No. You go first,” said our Master. So the former floated his big straw rain-hat on the torrent and easily made his way to the other side.

“I,” sighed the Master, “have allowed such a fellow to accompany me! I ought to have slain him with a blow of my staff!”

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