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You know....

It's like watching a car wreck really.... On the one hand you're mesmerized by the event itself but want to look away, on the other hand you cannot because the inevitable tragedy transfixes your attention. Alas I'm off to teach in New Zealand tomorrow and must cast my gaze in a more rewarding direction. How will the accident end? Well most of us already know. We've seen this car wreck before.

Honk, honk....screeeeech! All that's missing is the "bang".

Toby Threadgill / TSYR
It's much worse than that. It's the horror of feeling totally helpless to stop someone from twisting others' words and denigrating some of the finest martial-arts scholars and historians of our time, and even worse, hurling direct ad hominems and insults at the one person who has been the most generous with his skills and knowledge.