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Ken McGrew
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

No person in ASU is behind, meaning putting me up to or even advising me, ANYTHING that I have written. Please don't be paranoid. I have only expressed my own views.

Harden's ending here really speaks to what seems to be behind the entire approach of those who would side with him. It boils down to machismo, doesn't it? I certainly hope the comments about showing Saotome Sensei and Ikeda Sensei Aiki wasn't meant the way it might be interpreted.

We have heard over and over again that the proof is in the pudding. If I felt the power of Harden and Ark Sensei I would be convinced that all that their admirers have stated on such a range of topics. If the proof that O Sensei was doing the Aiki that these folks describe is found in the jo trick display, and if Harden knows the secret that O Sensei knew, then why can't he do the jo trick? I realize that he may not have perfected the skill yet to that level. Fine. But until he does how can the proof be in the pudding? I'm just asking what I take to be a logical question based on the standard of proof that Harden and others have repeatedly presented. I guess I struck a nerve.

I don't know how to get this across any clearer to people who 1) don't do Aikido and 2) have convinced themselves that Aikido doesn't work because it lacks their notion of Aiki. Harden says I would be helpless to do aikido to him as I lack O Sensei's Aiki (as he defines it). I am helpless TO DO Aikido ON anyone. Aikido is not about domination by force. That is to say if an attacker is not really attacking, then there is little reason to do anything. If an attacker is attacking, then the idea is to avoid being damaged by the attack and to lead the energy of the attack to resolution.

I'll respond to the historical argument when I respond to the postmodern gibberish above.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Here is yet another example of why so many people are telling you that you are embarrasing yourself.
You went after us for calling Saotome a Liar. You went on and on about it.
We let you know in no uncertain terms that we were doing no such thing , but were quoting others.
Your response? All but obtuse. You did not address Stans research, you did not address so many of the Shihan that were interviewed, you did not address Mark.

Aahh...there ya go people!
I was quite certain that someone in the ASU was behind his efforts here. I can now guess who. It was clear that was 100% agenda driven as no one with an open and inquisitive mind would arrive at his conclusions this late in the game. This tact of using my name to recite rhetoric and opinions I do not hold and put words in my mouth was all too familiar.

Mr. McGrew
I have listened to the attacks on my name, to people taking about how much I make, and those sitting idly by and watching the train wreck with humor.
You are wise to make a public statement you are not interested in meeting me. While I would greet you in a friendly exchange, your opinions and your skills, would simply fail you and all you would have left -when it comes to aiki-would be your words. In fact you would be helpless to do aikido on all. Why? You would have to know Ueshiba's aiki in order to do anything to me. And it remains clear, you do not. I will continue to train with the senior staff or your organization, and eventually put hands on Ikeda and Saotome. I will let you know where and when that is. You might want to attend and learn something about what aiki is and can do and what professional behavior is all about. Your behavior is anything but!

As Fred tried to spell out for you and Toby tried to tell you....
Oh well.